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Beautiful Smile
Event Location:

Holiday Inn Express
546 S Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67207

Reserve your rooms today with discount code: KDHA
 Kansas Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Meeting
Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Join us this October for this year's annual event as we bring two excellent speakers to Wichita for an exciting weekend of fun, food and learning. We will also be hosting a statewide SADHA event for students as well as an Exhibitor Hall showcasing the latest products complete with a chance to win fabulous door prizes and raffles! Don't miss out on the fun and register TODAY!

$149 to attend this one-day event and luncheon, ADHA members will receive $50 off! Students $10

Not an ADHA Member? We invite You to become a member in your professional association in “real time”! Click here to join ADHA

Friday, September 30th


KDHA Executive Council Meeting

Saturday, October 1st



Exhibitor Hall and Check-In opens

Power Breakfast: Learn about ADHA Leadership presented by Whitney Zamora, RDH, MPH, KDHA President (Ballroom 2)


"Forensic Odontology"  (Ballroom 1)
Speaker: Winnie Furnari, RDH, MS, FAADH (3CEU)
Course Description: 

Winnie Furnari, RDH, MS, FAADH, is a forensic educator, member of the New York City Medical Examiner's Dental Identification Team, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, American Society Forensic Odontology, New York Society of Forensic Dentistry, formally trained by Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and has participated in several multiple fatality incidents. 

Sponsored by: Waterpik and KDHA

12:00pm-2:00 pm

 KDHA Business Meeting and Luncheon (Ballroom 2)

     - Voting and Installation of New Officers




"Namaste in My Op"  (Ballroom 1)

Speaker: Sarah Clark, RDH, IPDH (3CEU)

Course Description: 

A career in dentistry is STRESSFUL! Learn to achieve your personal and professional wellness as it starts with you, how it applies to the clinical setting and can change the outcome and approach to patient care. Delve into YOUR personal stress profile and learn tools to modify and adapt to it in an interactive, fun and relatable course. Predict your patients, relieve their anxieties in the dental chair and learn to avoid the stress that patient care can bring upon you. Lastly, review the clinical tools and techniques that help manage the career stress of a dental professional.

Sponsored by: Ortek Therapeutics (Basic Bites), Closys and KDHA

Students-Only Statewide SADHA Meeting (Ballroom 2)

Conclusion and Raffle Drawings

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