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Legislative Updates from our Lobbyist, Travis Lowe

To improve the public's total heath, the mission of the KDHA is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene by ensuring access to quality oral health care, increasing awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention, promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research, and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygienists.

General advice about communicating with your legislator:

  • Let your legislator know who you are, your profession, and that YOU ARE A CONSTITUENT. Include your mailing address, phone number and email in your communication with them.

  • Your communication doesn't have to be long. You can tell a personal story or use two or three of the facts below to let them know you want them to...


  • THANK them for the work they are doing on behalf of your district. Being a legislator can be a tough job-it is a treat for them to hear from people who are kind and thoughtful.

​*information provided by Oral Health Kansas, our partners in Dental Hygiene

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